Should I get an emotional support animal if I am depressed?

Should I get an emotional support animal if I am depressed?

A bad mood can often be a result of a bad day at work. However, having bad mood without any reason can be a cause of anxiety and depression. The rates of depression have soared around the world, recently. According to figures stated by WHO, more than 350 million individuals suffer from depression worldwide.

An emotional support animal helps in reducing depression. For that matter, different kinds of depression and their symptoms will also be discussed. The treatment of depression might suggest what benefit can it provide to those who qualify for an ESA Letter.

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There are different kinds of depression. Such as:

  1.     Major Depression

A person who is depressed is sad or hopeless, losing concentration or and has no motivation to carry out their daily activities. The symptoms must last for at least 2 weeks before it is considered MDD.

  1.     Postpartum Depression (Depression after giving birth)

This type of depression occurs in the aftermath of giving birth to a child which can be a cause of a droppage of hormones.

  1.     Cyclic Depression

It is associated with having depression that is seasonal. This condition can affects three to five percent of Canadians. SAD is caused due to the decrease in daylight.

  1.     Bereavement

Depression can also be a cause of someone’s death especially a loved one or a close friend.

Depression can have different types, depending on the symptoms that appear in a person. It is important to note that the symptoms differ in every person.


Symptoms of Depression

  •         Feeling troubled, lost or sad

  •         Self-disliking.

  •         The feeling that life isn't worth living

Physical Signs

  •         Abrupt increase in weight or poor appetite.

  •         Lack of energy to do normal daily tasks

  •         Pain in the back

  •         The inability to sleep or sleep-walking.

  •         Pain in the joints

Mental Signs

  •         Unable to make decisions or poor decision-making skills.

  •         It is difficult to concentrate

  •         Forgetfulness

  •         Not performing as well at work

Symptoms of Behavioral Depression

  •         Feeling anxious.

  •         No intimacy

The Benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal?

There are many well-known options with regards to different categories of an emotional support animal. Dogs can be a good option in this regard.

ESA referred to an animal that can provide emotional support, peace, comfort and can love a person unconditionally; however, one must have anrealesaletter if he or she wants to own one. They aren't necessarily obliged to perform services; however, they can offer emotional assistance towards their pet owners. A pet can provide care to its owner and can help them overcome their unstable mental pattern.

Many medical practitioners are offering and suggesting their patients to have an emotional support animal and they even offer to provide an which is a requirement to get an ESA animal for home or apartment.

Many people can benefit from an emotional support animal in different ways:

  •         Anyone who has an ESA starts developing a meaningful approach to look forward in their lives.

  •         It creates a strong emotional bond.

  •         It benefits the owner of the animal to improve their relations with other people.

  •         It helps in relieving depression and in eliminating harmful thoughts.

  •         It also helps in making the process of communication smoother with other people.

Can anyone have an ESA?

  1.     In order to have an ESA, it is a prerequisite that one has to be in the care of a psychiatrist who is treating the subject’s depression.

  2.     You must get a recommendation from your mental health practitioner by having an emotional support letter who has confirmed your eligibility to keep ESA.

  3.     The letter must be written on the official letter of the therapist.

  4.     In order to make it authentic and genuine, it must have the license of the doctor and when and where was it issued.

There are too many people being selfish jerks and ruining things for people who honestly need emotional support animals and are considerate of the people around them. A lot of people who have ESAs and others with service animals and recognize how helpful they are in their appropriate roles.

An ESA is not trained to accompany the owner everywhere and may not have the temperament to tolerate that level of stress. They’re meant to provide support at home (with the exception of airline flights). A service animal (legally, a dog or occasionally a mini horse) performs specific tasks and accompanies the owner everywhere. Businesses can definitely ask the owner to take the service dog outside if it misbehaves in the store—though that is unlikely if it has proper training.

The “emotional support peacock” incident was a piece of “performance art” aka a practical joke by someone claiming to be an artist.

My neighbor who left her emotional support poodle mix alone for 3-day weekends while it cried for her at 15-minute intervals was an inconsiderate dog owner whether or not the dog helped her with her trauma. Being abandoned like this probably traumatized the poor dog! (She claimed it was a service dog but couldn’t name a specific task it did.) She got out of paying a pet deposit because it was an ESA but I hope they bill her for any damage it did while left alone.

The homeless people who claim their aggressive dogs are emotional support or service dogs to go on public transit are abusing the law. Yes, they can’t leave their dogs at home if they don’t have a home, but they don’t have to train them to lunge at other passengers. They have plenty of time to get some dog training books from the library and teach them basic obedience.

Even if you only take your ESA out for walks because dogs need walking, for heaven’s sake, there is no excuse not to train it to be a good canine citizen so it isn’t scaring everyone! Responsible dog owners don’t let their dogs run around at the end of the lead (or off leash) on a busy sidewalk, chasing whatever moves, jumping on people, growling at people or dogs, and trying to steal strangers’ food.

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